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Topics: Family, Grandparent, Nursing Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: August 24, 2011
I grew up with my grandparents. My interest in nursing started when my grandmother was diagnosed with abdominal aneurysm. My mother was in the province attending to my younger siblings while the other two daughters of my grandma were out of the country, working. I was the one who stays with her at the hospital, feeding her, giving bath and dressing her up, massaging her legs when she complains of her arthritis and praying the rosary with her every night.

Back in my country, Philippines, there were no nursing assistants in the hospitals only RN’s. That’s why all patients are required to have one family member at least to stay at the bedside to assist to their personal needs. I was able to encounter a handful of nurses who did their best at making sure that my grandmother was well taken care of and comfortable as well as me. I was inspired to see how these nurses handled their work so well even with all the stresses they’d encountered but still managed to smile, give comforting touches, praises and encouragements to the patients as well as to the family members.

Five years after, my grandfather got very sick. He was in and out from the hospital many times. Again, I was able to interact to both nurses and doctors which explain me the prognosis of my grandfather’s condition. My interest in the field of nursing grew more. I come to appreciate the flexibility and time they have dedicated to their patients in order to build a strong relationship founded on empathy and trust and I look forward with great enthusiasm to take on that responsibility. In the middle of that crisis, I received a phone call from my aunt abroad that she’s willing to sponsor me for my studies if I want to take up Nursing. I think it’s a sort of reward for taking care of my grandparents in lieu of their absence. I didn’t have a second thought of accepting that offer. My prayers were answered. I did all my best studying and at the same time taking care of my sick grandfather. I finished my...
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