Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Morality, Culture Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Concept of 1 Malaysia
Since the independence of our country, national unity has been made as our country’s top priority – unity in education, culture, socio-economy and political. 1 malaysia is to improve the relations of all Malaysians, regardless of races, culture or religion. he foundation for all this is the principle of justice. This means that the welfare of every race will be taken care of and each race will be treated with equality. Hence, government policies have come up with different activities to carry out this principle. The agenda of 1 Malaysia also includes nation- building. To achieve growth of the nation, the people must first be improved and developed. This can be done by instilling a sense of acceptance among races and therefore creating undivided solidarity. When this is achieved, then nation- building can be carried out smoothly. The 1 Malaysia concept is formularized based on two main aspects. This first aspect is the Principles of Unity; the second aspect is the instillation of Aspirational Values. The principle of unity is the basic component that strengthens the unity among the citizens of different races. The second aspect of 1 Malaysia is the instillation of aspirational values . Aspirational values that are mentioned and practiced in the 1 Malaysia concept are progressive and dynamic that will strive our country into greater success. The first moral value incorporated in the principle of unity is respect each other. Respect other races including their cultures and traditions. This respect demands that we do not mock or give rude remarks about other races and also not to question their laws and religion. The second moral value is Humility. Humility is to appreciate that we are all in the same country and live in harmony. This also includes that we understand that every individual has their weaknesses and advantages and we should make full use of their advantages to strengthen our respective communities and country. The third moral...
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