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Topics: Investment, Financial services, Investment management Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: September 26, 2013
We live today in a multi-polar world where immense financial and economic activity has resulted in wealth being amassed and destroyed on an unprecedented scale in different parts of the world. This dynamic has been driven by the effects of globalization and the structural shift between developed and emerging markets. The recent crisis in financial markets and the global geo-political situation has brought with it challenges which will require increased depth and understanding for the changing dynamics of markets and economies, which will present opportunities to build a more robust rigorous system and institutions. I believe this backdrop provides for a great opportunity to further my academic studies in the area of finance.

My interest in finance started from a young age when I was given the opportunity to shadow a broker for a week. I was able to gain a firsthand experience in the markets. It was the fast-paced environment, the ability to analyse large amounts of information that first sparked my interest in finance. It was from this experience that I felt studying finance at an undergraduate level would satisfy my interests and provide me with a solid foundation for my future career. My desire to pursue further academic studies is fueled by the enriching experience I have had at Cass Business School. Being surrounded by intellectually engaging individuals from diverse backgrounds and an academically rigorous course has stimulated a passion of finance as an academic study. Further studies in finance especially one that is more mathematical will deepen by understanding of the financial markets, which I believe is going to be crucial to succeed in the financial services industry going forward. Within the field of Finance, I am most interested in topics ranging from valuation, security analysis, and portfolio management. I am particular interested in investments, and I find the different valuation techniques from discounted cash flow models, relative...
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