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Ms Word Drill

By vdhinakaran Aug 15, 2013 953 Words
MS Word
There's a cliché about holding the future in the palm of your hand. But if you go to Lowe's or Home Depot, you might actually be able to do it. In the pwer tool aisle, pick up a cordless drill or saw from DeWalt and there might well be a futuristic battery pack attached—a battery that promises greater power, longer life, better safety, and shorter recharge time than conventional batteries. The batery itself looks little diferent to the naked eye, or even under a microscope. The key to the battery's performance is in the diameter of the lithium particles that hold and release electric charge. The so-called nanophosphate lithium-ion batteries, developed and manufactured by A123 Systems, based in Watertown, Mass., have particles in their electrolyte—the chemical bridge between the two electrodes of a battery—as small as 100 nanometers, smaller by a factor of hundeds than those found in conventional lithium-ion batteries.

1.Indent the second paragraph by 1cm on the left
2.Insert the first paragraph into a textbox
3.Put a border around the whole document
4.Format the document with 1.5 Line Spacing
5.Change the font for the whole document to Broadway and font size 10 6.Justify all the text
7.Change the sentence “The battery ……a microscope” to Title Case 8.Put your name and student number into a table at the top of the document 9.Insert the Date into the Header using Date/Time Function 10.Remove the text “conventional lithium-ion batteries” 11.Insert page numbers to your document at the top and center 12.Place the 2nd paragraph into 2 columns

13.Type the heading “Power Points” at the top of the Document and make it Underline, Bold and center 14.Fix any spelling mistakes that occur in the document. Make sure the Language is set to English (South Africa) (7 in total).

Word processing software creates text-based documents such as repots, letters and memos. The three most widely used word processing programs are Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, and Lotus Word Pro.

Word processors vary considerable, but all word processors support the same basic features. Some of these features are Cut, Copy and paste, Delete text, Search and Replace, and Word wrap.

The great advantage of word processors over typewriters is that you can make changes without retyping the entire document. If you make a typing mistake, you simply back up the cursor and correct your mistake.

1.Set the paper size to A4, the Top, Bottom, Left, Right margins set to 2 cm 2.Set the line spacing to double
3.Insert a header that reads “Microsoft Word Test”, and a footer that reads “MakeUp Test” 4.Set the font type of the entire document to Arial and the font size to 14 5.Center, and Underline the heading and change the font size to 18 6.Split paragraph two into two columns

7.Insert a border around paragraph one
8.Change the alignment of the first paragraph to right align 9.Indent the first line of paragraph three with tab spacing set at 1cm 10.Change the font colour of the third paragraph to Red
11.Change the font of the word memoranda, Comic Sans Ms, outline bold, 16 point 12.Use WordArt to place the heading “Word Processing” at the top of the document 13.Use the word count tool and type this number at the end of the document

The history of the concept of "engineering" stems from the earliest times when humans began to make clever inventions, such as the pulley, lever, or wheel, etc. The exact etymology of the word engineer, however, is a person occupationally connected with the study, design, and implementation of engines. The word "engine", derives from the Latin ingenium (c. 1250), meaning "innate quality, especially mental power, hence a clever invention." Hence, an engineer, essentially, is someone who makes useful or practical inventions. From another perspective, a now obsolete meaning of engineer, dating from 1325, is "a constructor of military engines". Engineering was originally divided into military engineering, which included construction of fortifications as well as military engines, and civil engineering, non-military construction of such as bridges. The first electrical engineer is considered to be William Gilbert, with his 1600 publication of De Magnete, who was the originator of the term "electricity".

1.Type the heading “Engineering” at the top of the Document. Use wordart to do this. 2.Justify all the text
3.Format the last paragraph so that they have a hanging indent 4.Place a border around the full page
5.Insert the Date and the phrase “heading MS Test” into the Header 6.Insert page numbers at the Bottom and Center
7.Format the document with 1.5 Line Spacing
8.Change the Heading to upper case
9.Change the page layout to landscape
10.Count the number of words and place it in a text box at the bottom of the page 11.Set a password to Open and Modify this document
12.Design a table indicating the main names, inventions and dates from the passage above. Place this table at the end of the document. 13.Insert an appropriate picture somewhere on this document 14.Find all instances of the word “engineer” and replace it with “designer”

Select an appropriate magazine article and recreate it using MS Word. Be sure to closely follow the layout, headings, pictures and any other objects that exist in the article.

Draw a flow diagram showing the hierarchical structure of your qualification

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