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Topics: Rosa Parks, Social movement, University of Georgia Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: December 19, 2013
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English Compare and Contrast Essay October 16, 2013 There are many similarities and differences between the different stories of the people who had to fight for civil rights, or their place in society. Rosa Park’s “My Story,” and Charlayne Hunter-Gault’s “In My Place” are two stories that share some of the same qualities and style, but also differ in other aspects such as their content and theme. Both authors tell their story about fighting for their rights with the Whites.

Both stories share compare and contrast qualities in their style. For example, both are narrative essays, because both tell a true story. Rosa Parks tells her story about fighting for equal bus rights, and Charlayne Hunter-Gault tells her story about fighting to get into the prestigious, all-White University of Georgia. Their moods, however, are different. The mood in Park’s “My Story,” the mood is irritated, because Rosa Parks is irritated of being expected to listen and give in, whereas in “In My Place,” the mood is determined, because Hunter-Gault is determined to achieve her dreams. The author’s purposes in both stories compare, because they are trying to show the reader how much they had to fight for their rights. Both stories also compare and contrast in their content. For example, they contrast in their main events, because in Rosa Park’s “My Story,” she is fighting for her seat on the bus. In Hunter-Gault’s “In My Place,” she is fighting for her rights to go to the all-White school, which can help her achieve her dreams of becoming a journalist. They compare with their kinds of conflicts. The reason being, is because both of them have person vs. person. In Rosa Park’s story, she has to deal with the bus driver, and in Hunter-Gault’s story, she has to deal with the people at the University of Georgia. The settings in each story both compare and contrast. For example, they are both around the time of the civil rights...
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