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Juan Huerta
English 2
19 September 2013
Strange Strangeworth
Is everyone really how they seem? in Shirley Jackson's short story “The Possibility Of Evil’ She describes Ms.Strangeworth as a sweet kind old lady who just likes people in her town to be happy. throughout the story Mrs.Strangeworth is nothing but a mean old lady who likes to hurt others and sneaky she writes unknown letters to the people in her town. Her cruelty attacks the reader to keep reading. It is a very promising short story that makes the reader think about how the people you know may be.

Ms.Strangeworth is sneaky and conniving this is shown by the way she discusses her letters.for example she doesn't use stationery that has the “strangeworth house” written on it instead she uses the colored paper that is common in town. this displays the is in trying to conceal her identity and is important because perhaps she feels that perhaps what she is doing is harmful in someway. In addition she “used a dull stud of the pencil and wrote in childish block print. Ms.Strangeworth did all of that so she wouldn't get caught writing the letters she had to disguise so the people she wrote the letters to wouldn't get hurt and wouldn't know she is a cruel woman. these are some examples of how manipulative the character is; how ever the worst is yet to come.

Throughout the story Ms.Strangeworth shows evilness and cruelty towards all of the people in her small town. All thoughout the story she shows evilness, she decides to hurt them all with the mean letter she write to people
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