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Topics: Iraq War, United States, War on Terrorism Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: August 8, 2013
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War on terrorism is a common practice performed by both the former intelligence of the United States and the current security practitioners in the same country. The ability to look at the threat in many perspectives is however not absent between the two bodies. While in efforts of ending terrorism, countries like the United States have found themselves on the wrong footing while human rights are being infringed. Many approaches applied in fighting terrorism have been found to conflict with the rights of humans. The efficacy of the federal government on such matters where the rights of human beings have been trampled upon can never be justified despite the outcome of the process. Human life cannot be gambled with. This essay seeks to state and proof that war on terror has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights. A country like the United States has been waging wars with no front lines in various nations around the universe. In its efforts, many soldiers in the United States army have been killed along with other civilians. All these efforts have not yielded a significant victory over any big group linked to terrorism. As a result, many people have continued to lose their lives in what apparently may be termed as unimportant war engagements. The rights of human beings and more especially for the soldiers taken in for war have been abused by and large.

This war on terror is only pondering over the lives of the vulnerable (Elliott 29-45). The people of the land are being made captives of a cruel procedure and process that they cannot challenge. Friends and families have lost their loved ones to the ravages of war. Sinking a lot of money and people’s lives to defend a cause that has never materialized for about seven years now is a deprivation of human rights of the highest order. It becomes difficult to show meaning to the people who made a commitment to the process because apparently they gave up their lives for a...
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