MS Project: Review Questions

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Review Questions

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Answer the following questions (use MS Project Help, if necessary): 1. What is the difference between a main summary task and a summary task? Main summary tasks include a larger grouping of events like in this case – the entire project. The summary tasks are the little sub-projects that hold only a few events. Subtasks are the smallest bits of a project.

2. On the View Tab, what does the Outline button with plus and minus signs do?

The Outline button with the plus and minus sign allows the user to specify which level should be used in the view. A user is able to collapse and expand the view of the project, to be able to see or hide subtasks.

3. What is a milestone?

Milestones allow you to mark major phases in your project. They serve as benchmarks to help you and your team see the entire scope of the project and how it is progressing.

4. What predefined report can you not make changes to the header and footer?

The Project Summary is the predefined report that you can not make changes to the header and footer, making the project information and project properties added to the project very important.

5. Give a real-world example of

a) A successor task requiring lead time

Before you finish getting all of the materials for a project you could begin to lay out the foundation.

b) A successor task requiring lag time

Prior to giving dividends to stockholders you will need some lag time to make sure that the money is in the bank and that the proper people are notified.

Turn in this sheet with your MS Project file to the Week 1 iLab Dropbox.
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