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In the early 1900’s, writers like Ralph Ellison, Philip Roth and N .Scott Momaday, began experimenting with different styles of literary writings. The expressions and different art forms had a great influence on the way authors wrote. Times were changing and people of color wanted to be noticed, recognized and had some things that they wanted to say. Some writers were looking at different ways to deliver their message on the unjust treatment of people of color. They were and in most cases still are very instrumental in the economy of the United States. Everyone wanted society to give them their well earned place in society but more importantly their respect. During this time, as stated previously, writers experimented with different art forms that they related to. Whatever art form that touched their soul, the true essence of who they were, was the art form that inspired their writings. Ralph Ellison the infallible genius behind The Invisible Man believed that all Americans are culturally black. This was because the rising of African-American art, music and the realization, that they well we are a talented people. Ellison’s inspiration for his book came from the cultural expression of the blues. Ellison was inspired to write the way the blues sounded because; blues is a form of philosophy that helped the world orchestrate through life. This is also how Ellison saw his writings, as a guide for people to find their way; his book would make the unseen seen. Ellison’s book entitled, The Invisible Man propelled the movement for racial equality. This movement would change America for decades. Actually, Ellison’s book is still studied, read and loved and is an intricate part of literary studies. He wrote with Novel identity. Philip Roth is a Jewish writer who wrote many books including Good Bye Columbus. Roth was a controversial writer that questioned his Jewish identity. Roth wrote with a comedic flare. I believe that Roth wanted to make fun or rather light about the...
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