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Topics: Intellectual, Anti-intellectualism, Reason Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: February 24, 2014

English 1121
professor: Mr. Shal Patrick

The Dumbing of America “call me a snob, but really, we're a Nation of Dunces”

In the Dumbing of America “call Me a Snob, But Really, We're a Nation of Dunces”, Susan Jacoby studied the serious “intellectual problems” that the US culture faces as the outcome of its increasingly dense embrace of a “toxic mixture of anti-rationalism, anti-intellectualism and low expectations” of American folks. Ms. Jacoby explained the problems and identifies the main cause of such failture in modern society that contribute to our epic Dumbness: shrinking of basic knowledge, digital- video media and endorsement of ignorance. As Ms. Jacoby sees it, these are key reasons for the resurgent of American Anti intellectism.

Ms Jacoby argues that the print esclipes of print culture by video culture is adding to the acsendance of youth culture has alsoprompted the attitude of the dinegrating the importance of history, tradition and knowledge. As Ms Jacoby stated that “the disjunction between Americans' rising level of formal education and their shaky grasp of basic education” (1) is clearly the reason to blame the problem on print culture. This modern time in America wheretechnology is overriding our culture and is taking away the priviledge we have to interact with books and other paper materials.

According to Ms Jacoby, television, video games and the internet have created a culture of hindrance that has shortened the attention spans and left people with less time and desire for face to face activities which is critical for a developed mental life style and intellectual life which narrowed down to reading and have a real conversation with a human sitting next to you. This act causes people to have a less active life style.

As Ms Jacoby stated the ignorance is a result from the absent of national education standard, combined with the anti intellectism, which concluded that a lack of knowledge is the reason why we are...
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