Ms Dignity at Work

Topics: Abuse, Harassment, Bullying Pages: 36 (5385 words) Published: March 6, 2013


Policy Statement

This policy has been developed in partnership with management and staffside representatives
1.1 The Trust recognises that the existence of any form of bullying or harassment/victimisation can create a threatening or intimidating work environment, which adversely affects job performance, health and well being. The Trust is committed to protecting its staff from bullying and harassment and will not tolerate any such incidents at work or in a work related environment such as social events linked to employment.



The Trust also recognises it has a duty to ensure the good practice laid down in this policy applies equally to contractors, employees of other organisations on PCT property, volunteers, visitors and patients.

It is recognised that various types of harassment may occur in employment, on a wide variety of grounds including: • race, ethnic origin or nationality. • sex or sexual orientation
• religious or political convictions
• a person's willingness to challenge harassment, leading to victimisation • membership or non-membership of a trade union
• disability, sensory impairment or learning difficulty
• age
• physical characteristics
• status as ex-offenders
• real or suspected infection with HIV/AIDS


The above list is not exhaustive. Anyone who is perceived as different, or who is in a minority, may experience harassment. This may occur between people of the same or opposite sex or between people at the same or different levels within the organisation.


Managers have a responsibility to ensure that the workplace is free from harassment. It is also the responsibility of each individual employee to observe the principles of this policy.


Both sexual and racial harassment are unlawful and could lead to proceedings under The Race Relations Act or the Sex Discrimination Act.


The Trust's managers will take appropriate measures, which may include disciplinary action to deal with instances of harassment.


Claims of bullying, harassment or victimisation will be: -

taken seriously
investigated sensitively
dealt with appropriately


The Trust acknowledges the need to ensure that there are no reprisals against staff who come forward with a genuine complaint of harassment or victimisation, or against other staff who support their complaints. If Management become aware that staff are being victimised as a result of raising a complaint, then disciplinary action could be taken.


If a member of staff is found to have made a malicious allegation against another member of staff, he/she will be subject to the normal disciplinary procedure.



The Trust will endeavour to assist with providing counselling and support where necessary.
Following a case of harassment, it is the manager’s responsibility to monitor the situation in the workplace closely to ensure that the harassment has stopped and that there is no victimisation of any of the parties involved.



Bullying differs from harassment in that the focus is rarely based on gender, race or disability and is rarely a single incident. It tends to be an accumulation of many small incidents, each of which, when taken in isolation, seems trivial. Bullying can be defined as any unsolicited, unwelcome, hostile or offensive act, expression or derogatory statement including incitement to commit such behaviour. The intention is less important than the effect on the individual. Examples of bullying include:

shouting at a colleague
negative, unfair, targeted comments on a colleague's personal or professional performance
devaluing a colleague's contribution
criticising a colleague in the presence of others
withholding information with the intent of affecting a colleague's performance

Bullying is not the use of constructive criticism expressed by a manager....
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