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MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME Term-End Examination June, 2010


Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100 (Weightage 70%)

Note : There are two Sections. Section - A and Section - B. Attempt any three questions from Section - A. Section - B is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

SECTION - A What do you think are the defining characteristics of economic and non-economic environment ? How do these environments impact the business ? Explain with examples. (a) 'The small scale industry has found a place of prominence in the successive industrial policies of India'. Keeping this statement in mind, elaborate upon the industrial policy for small scale industries (SSI). (b) Explain the institutional infrastructure at the central level institutions for SSIs. Experts often argue that industrial licensing policy has impeded competition in India. Evaluate this statement in the light of objectives of industrial licensing policy in India. Explain the EXIM policy charges effected in 1991. How are such measures different from the EXIM policies pursued earlier ? 5. (a) Identify the fundamental differences between exclusive and inclusive growth. (b) Critically examine the new economic reforms from the viewpoint of its impact on employment.



10 20


10 10

M S-3



SECTION - B 6. Comment on each of the following statements : India's indebtedness position has improved in recent time India's capital account is now partially convertible. Liberalisation, globalisation and privatization are all means to achieve certain ends of the society. New focus in MRTP act. 4x5=20


Write short notes on any four of the following : Balance of payments Tariff and non-tariff barriers Fiscal deficit and revenue deficit Financial Asset structure of household section. (e) Rao - Manmohan Model of development.




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