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Art Essay

I visited the Lewis Art Museum in Morgan State University's Murphy Fine Arts center. I looked at various paintings, portraits, and sculptures of various artists. From the portrait of Zenobia (1945 Lois Mailou Jones) to the Singing Head (red onyx, Elizabeth Catlett, 1979) There were very few interesting, and a lot of weird pieces in my mind. Art is freedom, and unique expression; but the Mixed Media (Sam Gilliam) art was very weird in my opinion, along with the oil, and acrylic paintings of; Bleecker Street, Montmature, and The Barrier. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in artists mind, but the dates of when the portraits were created would help me to understand it more (especially if I lived during those times). There is one painting that did catch my articulate eye called; Stone Princess, by Earnest Crichlow. I will explain, in detail, why I found the piece interesting, and why I think it resembles Harriet Jacobs' autobiography.

The Stone Princess was created in 1982, in the United Sates, and is a serigraph painting. It describes a little girl (about the age of 13 or 14), clinging to the end of a bed post, looking saddened. The girl in painted in a grey-ish clay color with slightly darker grey colors as her skin (one can assumer she is African American). Her lips and cheeks are a faded or dry pinkish color (one can assume she's sad), her hair is long and braided (black color) with white pearls around her neck, and a bracelet. The painting seems to capture "Linda Brent" in Harriet Jacob's autobiography; realizing she is a slave for the first time.

The Stone Princess also reminded me of the terrible feelings and experiences she had under Dr. Flint. Dr. Flint would whisper unpleasant things to Linda Brent as a young girl and even send her notes stating he can do whatever he wants to her. He would tell her, he was going to take care of her and make sure nothing happens to her; with Linda Brent being terrified and scared of him, the Stone Princess...
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