MS 101 Answers Arranged

Topics: Information Technology Infrastructure Library, Information technology management, Knowledge management Pages: 14 (4595 words) Published: December 3, 2014
True / False
1. In event notification, a device is interrogated by a management tool, which collects certain targeted data. This is called polling True
1. Failed CI cannot be called as incident if service performance does not degrade False
2. As per ITIL, a ‘problem’ is defined as the case of one or more incidents True
1. Failure of a Configuration Item not resulting in disruption of service is also called as an incident True
2. Utility and Warranty can be explained as Increases performance average and Reduces performance variation True
3. Improvement cannot be achieved without clear and unambiguous accountabilities True
4. Release Window is same as Change Window
5. Release Management should update KEDB for all error which is released during deployment True
6. Transition is defined as a change in state, corresponding to a movement of an IT service or other configuration item from lifecycle to another True
7. Typically a Help Desk, Service Desk & Call Centre all provide the same level of service. They are just different names referring to the single point of contact True
8. Incident Management team is exempted to follow Change Management process because they are supposed to fix the reported issues and in the process of fixing the issues, they are required to make necessary changes False

9. Access Management process is subset of the Availability Management process, whose objective is to ensure that all those authorized should have access to the documents and information: False
10. Service Operations team is accountable to find CI discrepancies while working on day to day basis False
11. Knowledge Base and Known Error Database is same


1. ITIL is compliant to following ISO models:
None of the above
2. Which stages of the ITIL framework represent the revolving lifecycle stages of the lifecycle hub-and-spoke design? Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operation
3. In ITIL service lifecycle configuration levels and baseline points are represented by Numbered Triangles
4. Which ITIL process aims to trace business-critical services for which supplementary emergency measures must be taken? IT Service Continuity Management
5. Which ITIL process manager requires a report specifying the duration of an interruption of a Configuration Item? Availability Manager
6. The Ishikawa Diagram or Cause & Effect Analysis (Fishbone) is a technique employed by which ITIL Discipline? Problem Management
7. In an organization, the purchasing department has relocated internally - not just the people, but also their IT resources. A Service Desk employee has been commissioned to relocate this department’s workstations. In which ITIL process is this employee now playing a role? Change Management

8. Which ITIL process or which ITIL department has responsibilities that include distributing information to users? Service Desk
9. Which ITIL process is responsible for creating the cost agreements for extra support of the Service Desk? Service Level Management
10. Release Management has distributed a defective Release. As a result, monthly invoicing has come to a standstill. This has very radical consequences for the business and has been reported as an incident. According to ITIL best practices, what should happen next? Release Management will implement the back-out plan

11. User reports a PC problem to the Service Desk. A Service Desk representative determines that the PC is defective and indicates that according to the services catalogue, the PC will be replaced within three hours. Which ITIL process is responsible for having this user’s PC replaced within three hours? Change Management

12. Which ITIL process is responsible for analyzing risks and counter measures? IT Service Continuity Management
13. The management of ABC Inc. has insisted that each request for a new workstation installation be handled with optimum efficiency and effectiveness. Which ITIL process is designed to achieve this desired...
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