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1) Describe the process of conflict. Critically evaluate the impact of conflict on performance/productivity of an organization. Relate the situation of organization you are working in or familiar with as to how conflict affects the functioning of an organization. Briefly describe the organization and situation, you are referring to.

Ans) Conflict may be defined as situation to come into collision or disagreement or be contradictory. Simply it can be termed as an argument between two different ideas, thoughts & views. Management today in world faces different types of conflict day by day due to various ideas come up within the people engaged. The nature of interpersonal conflict is of very high significance and the knowledge of mechanisms available to resolve it is immensely importance in improving personal effectiveness. As of a kind there is a process of conflict that can be defined with following figure and steps:- Potential Cognition and Conflictive Aftermath Antagonism personalization Conflictive Handling

Stage IStage IIStage IIIStage IV

Manifest Consequences

Stage I. Potential Antagonism
This can be explained as the initial stage to create opportunity for conflict to rise. They need not necessarily lead to conflict and may be present in absence of it. Basically it can be referred as the source of conflict and later shall have fuller discussion on topic which may lead to conflict. But to surface conflict there should be any of the condition among communication, structure and persona variables. Stage II. Cognition and Personalization

The antecedent conditions may or may not lead to conflict. It must be perceived by the parties as threaten or let say conflict who are responsible. Example can be taken as a topic to be discussed between two people. It does not make any sense to the first person if he takes it without any anxiety or as a threat. And it may have no effect whatsoever on first person’s towards another person, however if feelings are generated they may find to influence perception of the conflict. it is at the felt level when the individuals become emotionally involved and parties experience feelings, hostility fear and mistrust. Stage III. Conflictive and conflict management behavior

Basically third stage can be defined as an attempts made by one party to block the goal achievement of the other party. Here the behavior of the party to attempt to block can be seen easily. Such kind of behavior may be a subtle type or can be more violent like riots, strikes and war. The best example for such strikes can be taken as the conflict between management committee and unions where the situation can go up to the solvency of the company. Also most conflict handling and solutions are displayed in forms like resignation and withdrawal, compromise, confrontation and also collaboration which can also be categorized as the conflict management styles. Stage IV. Aftermath

Consequences mean the action and the reactions that are seen among the parties. The outcomes (in terms of groups performance, level of satisfaction, quality of relationship among the involved parties and change of structure and policies, etc. ) may be functional in that the conflict results in an improvement or it may be dysfunctional that it hinders it. Sometimes outcomes again sow the seeds of yet another topic for conflict and the whole process repeats again.

Conflict can be taken both as negatively and positively. Looking into some of the effects of conflicts we can take a balanced view to conclude that it is inherently neither good nor bad but simply has the potential to improve or impair an organization through its consequences. It can be categorized as:- Negative effects...
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