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Presented by Course Code Course Title Assignment Code Coverage : : : : MS - 5 Management of Machines and Materials MS-05/TMA/SEM-I/2013 All Blocks

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30th April, 2013 to the coordinator of your study center. Question 1.

The Role of Industrial Eng neeri g


"Industrial Eng ne ring is co cerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems f men, materials and equipment. It draws upon specialized know dg and skills i math matical, physical and social sciences together with the principle and me hods of engineering analysis and design to specify, predict and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems." It can therefore be seen that industrial engineers are designers of management systems and industrial engineering approach integrates various approaches such as operations research, systems analysis, behavioral science etc. towards the integrated design of organizations. In this book many industrial engineering techniques will be used in various units which help us in better management of production systems. Operations Management – An Overview The Role of Models


Indian Institution of Indus ial En ineering (IIIE) has adopted the following definition of Industrial Engineering:


Methods and techniques of scientific managemen hav tremendous role to play in helping us to make rational and logical decisions the context of production and operations management. Through scientifi m h ds to ls and techniques of industrial engineering and operations research along with behavioral science we can look at all facets of the problems and evaluate the onsequ nces of our actions before arriving at a decision. These techniques thu reinforce the s bjective or intuitive judgment and contribute to better management



The scientific method for Operations management is growing pop arity because it allows for organizational decisions—whether by b siness or government—to be formulated under more rigorous considerations.


Discuss the role of Scientific methods in Operations Manageme t.


To download more solved assignments visit Models are representation of systems with a view to explain certain aspects of system's behaviour. Generally a mathematical model is preferred in decision-making because it tries to explain system's objectives and function in terms of decision variables subject to our control as well as non-controllable parameters due to environment or resource constraints etc. Thus a simplified form of a model is: E = f (xj, yi) Where E =Measure of effectiveness or objective function xj =Controllable (decision), variable, j = 1 ... n yj =Non-controllable parameter, i =1 ... m Thus a model provides us a cause-effect relationship so that we can evaluate ur alternative courses of action on the basis of our objectives and choose an optim l (best under the circumstances) strategy to maximise our effectivene s Thus mod s provide a valuable tool to compare our options and thus improve the q lity of decisions and provide us a better insight into our decision rocess Howe r it must be noted that models are a means to achieve an end (bet r decisions) nd not an end in itself. We must choose a simple, valid and logical mo el of the dec ion situation. A large number of model based techniques have b en de loped in th subject called `Operations Research' (OR) which help in mathemat al con eptual sation of many decision-making problems relevant to production/opera ions management. Some very versatile and powerful techniques like linea prog ming queuing theory and simulation have been applied extensively to st dy various problem areas in production management. Some of these will be d cribed, though briefly, in appropriate units in this book. The Role of Computers


In a large sized...
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