Mrs. Packletides Tiger

Topics: Tiger, Cottage, Miss Pages: 4 (1599 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Mrs Packletide’s Tiger
Saki (Hector Hugh Munro) Q4 (a) Why did Mrs. Packletide wish to kill a tiger?
Ans- Mrs. Packletide wished to kill a tiger so that she could counter to Loona Bimberton’s claim who had been carried eleven miles in an Algerian aviator. (b) What made her decide to give a party in Loona Bimberton's honour? What did she intend to give Loona on her birthday? Ans- Mrs.Packletide decided that once she shot a tiger, she would invite Loona Bimberton for a luncheon party. At the party she would display the newly-acquired tiger skin. The party would be an appropriate time to show off the tiger skin and talk about her tiger-shooting experience to Loona Bimberton. She intended to give a tiger-claw brooch to Loona Bimberton on her birthday. (c) How was the tiger shooting arranged? What kind of a tiger was chosen for the purpose? Ans- Mrs.Packletide offered a thousand rupees to villagers for arranging an opportunity to shoot a tiger without much risk or exertion. An old tiger that had given up hunting and confined himself to eating domestic animal was chosen for this purpose. (d) In what way did the villagers help Mrs. Packletide shoot the tiger? Ans- The villagers were very excited at the prospect of earning a thousand rupees. They posted children at the outskirt of the jungle to keep a watch on the tiger in case he wanders off to new hunting grounds. Goats were scattered to keep him satisfied and to prevent him from straying. Mothers with babies walked quietly through the jungle so as to not to disturb its sleep. The villagers were only worried about the tiger that should not die of old age before the day of shoot. (e) Who was Miss Mebbin? Was she really devoted to Mrs. Packletide? How did she behave during the tiger shooting? Ans- Miss Mebbin was a paid companion. Mrs. Packletide had acquired her so that she could witness the shooting of the tiger. She was very materialistic. She didn’t want to do more than she...
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