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Sensitive Perios linked to the Childs First Stages of Development

‘The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth’. This powerful statement suggests that the child begins their education as early as the day they enter the world. This can be explained in detail by the stages of development from birth to adulthood. These stages are crucial in a child’s life and each stage has its prominence. Montessori believed that a baby should adapt himself to life after birth. The reason for this is, at this first stage of development, from birth to 6, the child has somewhat psychic powers of absorption of his surroundings. This method of absorption takes place through an internal energy that drives the child to explore their existence. This stage of development was given the term Absorbent Mind.

Within the first stage of development the child goes through 2 phases of absorption. There is the unconscious level which takes place between birth and 3 and the conscious level that takes place between 3 -6 years of age. During the unconscious level the child has the ability to absorb its environment without the influence of academic learning or adult influence. It can also be characterised as the spiritual embryonic stage. A characteristic of the absorbent mind phase explaining the child’s need for a strong psychological environment that will have a direct influence of who the child becomes. During the conscious level the child is at an age of understanding and can organise and grasp concepts that are taught to him. It can also be characterised as the social embryonic stage since the child begins interacting with others. The child is also exposed to adult influence as some may attend nursery school. It is a stage of life for independence and to tap into a more in depth development of his language. The child socialises, makes friends and becomes more sensitive to others. The 2nd stage of development is between 6 and 12 years of age and is known as...
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