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The Highland Council

Learning and Teaching Reflection Framework

PEER and SELF-ASSESSMENT AND PERSONAL LEARNING PLANNING USEFUL STRATEGIES Involving pupils in marking Pupils can mark their own work and that of others against clear criteria and learning intentions. The criteria can be developed as a class activity; this clarifies the teacher’s expectations and involves the pupils in reflecting on how far their work fulfils these expectations. The aim of the activity should be to identify ways that the pupil whose work is being marked can move forward. (Good examples of this strategy are provided from the AAIA publication ‘Pupils learning from Teachers’ responses’). Marking in groups An alternative to marking individually is for pupils to do this as a group. The focus should be on a recently completed piece of work and the group help each other to assess the work against agreed criteria and suggest ways in which the work could be improved. Marking against annotated examples Another useful marking strategy is for groups to work together to see how closely their work measures up against an ‘ideal solution’. Whilst it will be important to emphasise that there could be many ‘ideal solutions’, group discussion should aim to help each pupil understand the extent to which their response achieves the criteria and what they can do to improve. Individual self-assessment sheets These can be developed for some elements of a programme and invite pupils to reflect on the extent to which their work has achieved identified criteria. In the light of this they have to indicate what they need to do to improve. Traffic lights This has proved a popular strategy and invites pupils to reflect on the current state of their learning in relation to a particular task or activity. If they feel confident that they understand a given piece of work, they use a green indicator (a marker, coloured pencil / crayon, or a sticker). If they are not quite sure of their understanding they use...
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