Mrs Dalloway

Topics: Mind, Marriage, Thought Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: October 23, 2013
"Clarissa Dalloway is a weak protagonist. She is nothing more than a selfish snob." Clarissa Dalloway is the protagonist of the novel and is presented as a high society housewife who loves throwing parties and enjoys fashion. Clarissa is very conscious on how society views her and often has flashbacks to her youth where she was much of a free spirit and unconcerned about how people viewed her. Wife of Richard Dalloway, Clarissa is portrayed as being somewhat of his possession, ‘…being Mrs. Dalloway; not even being Clarissa anymore; but as Mrs. Richard Dalloway’. Throughout the novel Clarissa’s character changes and develops as different events occur, her character develops as the reader learns more about her past and her life in general. The opening of the novel portrays Clarissa to be extremely pretentious and snobbish, she is very aware about her image and how people view her and her behaviour. She is so conscious on how society will scrutinise her that she decides that she won’t invite Septimus to the party because he isn’t high enough in society to attend, ‘Septimus Smith would never be invited’. Although in the novel Septimus and Clarissa could be viewed as doubles as they share similar views about life; they both love Shakespeare and quote the same line- ‘fear no more the heat o’ the sun, Nor the furious winter’s rages’, they are both troubled by the oppressive social structure of British life and they also contemplate life’s inner meaning. This shows that Clarissa is so absorbed in how she thinks she will be judges that she doesn’t pay attention to what she really cares about. Clarissa gave up love to be accepted into society, she married Richard to gain security and financial stability which she could not have had with her love Peter Walsh. Before Clarissa met Richard she was in love with Peter but realised that she could never marry him and join him with his ambitions in life because his status in society and financial position wasn’t high enough....
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