Mrs. Barrett's Syndrome Case Summary

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The Main Issues:
There are two main issues in this case. One is whether or not Mrs. Barrett acted in self-defense against her abusive husband. The second is can she claim battered woman’s syndrome. We must look at both issues to determine if Mrs. Barrett acted in self- defense and suffers from battered woman syndrome.
Mrs. Barrett’s Defense Claims
Self- defence:
Mrs. Barrett claims she acted in self- defense towards her husband. She explains how the beating have so severe that she couldn’t leave the house. She was obviously scared of Mr. Barrett that she would do everything in her power to stop him from his abuse. A few weeks before John's death, Mrs. Barrett noticed he had become more verbally abusive and started drinking a lot. One night he came home and started to choke Mrs. Barrett with his belt. The night of the incident, Mrs. Barrett snapped and shot her husband. Before she shot him she gave him a warning by saying “ Don’t come any closer or I’ll shoot.”, when he kept moving towards her she pulled the trigger purely out of fear. She did all of this to defend herself against Mr. Barrett. She should be able to claim self- defense because she didn’t want to take John's life , but she had to in order to keep her own.
BWS: Mrs. Barrett wishes to claim battered woman syndrome because she has...

Barrett would also like to request that Leslie McGuire should be able to testify for her in court. Leslie is very qualified for this because she mentions having a B.A. from the university of West Columbia and graduating with highest honors. Leslie also has advanced learning in sociological and psychological dysfunctioning within the family structure. She also wrote a book entitled “Living in Hell – The Life of a Battered Woman”. She has seen so many cases and has had 7 years of practice in this area. Mrs. Barrett wants to introduce the information through Leslie McGuire because she believes she is extremely qualified and can help her claim BWS and self-...
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