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Internet and Social Media
Participants showed that internet became part of their daily routine and essential in their lives. This is due to the ease of accessibility using convenient gadgets, like mobile phone. .. fa 3ala 7asab el jaw w etha 3nde wagt gser mal el faragh aw ena ana ray7a bkhalis shaghla   fa   tshofeen   “a..a..a”   mathalan   na6ra   3end   6abeb   wela   shay   ,   el   wagt   gseer     tshofen adsh el internet btlfone w ashof twitter , instagram , achayek marat 3ala mwaqe3 3ende ana applications bmwaqe3 fa ag3ad ashof methl net a porter ,aw asos .. fa a7eb ashof chithy …   (Nagham, 23 years)

Ehwa aslan internet mtwafer 3ndena ya3ne 24 hours mwjud beltelephone 24 sa3a ma3ana faaa aaah instgram ana ma astghni 3ana fa ah fa wayed instgram men ah men saraw  elbanat  (  teth7ak  )  …  (Reem, 23 years)

A: uh, actually fe elfree time wayed te9eer feha ashya'a mohema, ahh, awal shay , ahh, lazem afta7 etalefon, o achayek 3ala el instagram, ah, since ena ehwa ahh 9ar men elashya'a el mohema fe elyoum. Ahh, o ohwa men al ashya'a ely ehh aga'6y feha el free time. (Ahlam, 27 years)

Using the internet differs from participant to another as per her interest or purpose. For example, some of the topics that would be of their interest is Nutrition, life style, Makeup, food and restaurants. However, all of them agreed on one common interest which is Fashion and Design. …  yes  I  do  food,  fashion  ..  everything that  makes  life  pretty  beautiful  …  (Esra,  23  years) …  but  mainly  I  like  aaah  fashion  ,  makeup ..umm.. What else.. I like to check like you know  treatments  and  body  care  stuff..  That  kind  of  cool  stuff  …  (Zahra,  23  years) …   in   my   free   time,   im   very   interested   in   fashion   actually   and   I   usually   browse   the   internet seeing that latest designs and fashion  …  (Noura,  33  years)

Popular Bloggers and the Reason
As all participants showed their main interest in Fashion and Design, each one of them has specific fashion blogger that she follows and mostly attracted to her posts and reviews, by keeping up to date with the latest trends and topics. Fashion bloggers are perceived as specialized and knowledgeable in their field.

Additionally, they get attracted on how they are being encouraged to be creative in their style in a way that suite their personal taste. Another reason was mentioned is that bloggers are best to understand our (Kuwaiti) culture and taste.

Yalda and Ascia was repeated more than once from their selection, moreover, others were mentioned like Pink Girl Q8, Dalalid, Maha Al Qandi, howewearit, Fashion Seeker Q8 and Nuha Nabil. …  she  has  a  very  different  style  may  be  that  is  why  everyone  is  following  her,  and  she   inspires some people in a different way. Uhh .. she has a very nice character, she is funny  and  stylish  she’s  very  kind  …  (Zainab,  23  years) …   I   believe   they   understand   the   taste   of   Kuwaiti   fashion   ya3ni   lebs   typical   Kuwaiti,   ya3ni  mashallah  ,  thouq  kuwaiti  o  ell  emayez’hom  ya3ni  …  (Noura,  33  years) …  aywa   hathe   la2na  thouqha  wayed  7lw  enzain  w   shqlha  na3im  chethe  o  mratab fa hathe  wayed  talfet  entebahi  ya3ne  men  na7yat  thouq  …  (Reem,  25  years) Inspiration, Affecting Buying Decision and Spending

Bloggers present products in a very attractive way that can be more appealing to consumers. Also, they give inspiration on how to mix and match in colors and clothing, as they became source of information when it comes to Fashion and Design.

.. umm, the most popular is fashion seekerq8, I love her pictures ,howewearit I love everything they post, I loved everything they wear and mahaalqandi. (Noura, 33 years) ummm..  the  most  famouse  blogger  I  would  think  of  is  Asia.  She’s  started  as  a  fashion   blogger.. as a blogger at first, and then she designed her own clothes. She had a line , so,  she  came...
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