Mr Wright In Trifles

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On many occasions Susan Glaspell’s play, Trifles, demonstrates how morally acceptable it was to degrade the values of women and theme of the play heavily favors the ideas of male dominance. Mrs. Wright was a character in this play who regularly was degraded of her ethics precisely because of her gender, and the man she married. Once named Minnie Foster some thirty years ago, she was a loveable and cheerful person who everyone seemed to like. Everything changed when she married John Wright, an oppressive husband, who is the main focus of conflict in this play. Her life turned to shambles and it soon became a life of darkness and despair. The development of Mrs. Wright’s character changes drastically throughout the play, although she does not appear in the play, the actions through the other female characters give the reader a sense of understanding following her motives for strangling her husband, Mr. Wright.
From the opening scenes of the play, the women are in a separate group from the men; the men had their own task to complete and the women were mere spectators of the crime scene. The women appeared fearful and uneasy, signifying their sense of isolation and distress; on the other hand, the men appear confident and businesslike. Male superiority in this play divided the men between their wives because they constantly oppressed the
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Wright was an unknown character who seemed quite peculiar and bizarre. By the end of the play, however, Mrs. Wright was full of character. Her personality is expressed through Mrs. Hale’s memories and from her belongings in the house. Mrs. Wright acts as a unifier between the women of the play, especially Mrs. Hale, because, in the end, loneliness connects the women and brings them closer to each other. Mr. Wright being the oppressive husband he was, took everything from the already unhappy Mrs. Wright and when her bird was killed she was left lonely and she took revenge for her husband’s

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