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Topics: Cutting fluid, Milling machine, Machining Pages: 2 (961 words) Published: October 30, 2014
SYLLABUS OUTLINE COLLEGE/ FACULTY Engineering and Computing SCHOOL/ DEPT Engineering COURSE OF STUDY Diploma Mechanical Engineering YEAR 1 MODULE TITLE MECHANICAL WORKSHOP 1 MODULE CODE MEE1003 DURATION 1 hour lecture, 3 hours workshop per week CREDIT VALUE 2 credits PREREQUISITES None 1.0 MODULE DESCRIPTION Many engineering activities deal with the design and/or analysis of structural elements. The manufacturing process is an integral part of any engineering design, analysis or repair job. This course introduces various workshop practices. The students learn to appreciate the constraints on design imposed by the manufacturing process and types of failure that may occur due to poor fabrication processes, which are in turn useful when trouble shooting repairs. The types of activities that take place in the machine shop may cause injuries to operators if not carefully handled. Hence safety measures are emphasised throughout the course. 2.0 MODULE OBJECTIVES/ LEARNING OUTCOMES Overall General Objectives Upon successful completion of the course, the student will Show competence in using hand and machine tools of various types. Understand the function and operation of common workshop machines. Understand basic workshop practices and processes. Be aware of and apply safety procedures. A. Safety Practice in Workshops6 hours General Objective After successful completion, the student will be able to 1. Identify hazards in the workshop environment. 1.1. Identify dangers associated with unsuitable clothing, hair. 1.2. Identify hazardous operations within the workshop. 1.3. Explain the importance of machine guards. 2. Discuss the basic safety codes applicable to different shops. 3. Discuss the industrial safety code. 4. Correctly use protective gear such as welding glasses, mask. 5. Demonstrate basic first-aid technique for handling injuries and...

References: Required Kraar Oswald, Technology of Machine Tools McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-02-803071-0 Recommended Thomas, G.H. Metalwork ADDITIONAL READING Black, Bruce Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials 2nd edition, Edward Arnold, Hodder Headline Group, 1997 ISBN 0-340-69252-9 Chapman, Workshop Technology 1-3, Edward Arnold, Hodder Headline Group, 1993 ISBN 0-7131-3556-5 8.0 NAME/S OF SYLLABUS WRITER/S OR DEVELOPER/S H. Umrah, V. Buchanan, J. Bridge, T. Ellis, O.Barrett, H. Rose, E. Wilson, P. Ward 9.0 DATE OF PRESENTATION June 1999 10.0 DATE updated Kavian Cooke, July 2014 Y, dXiJ(x(
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