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Topics: Renewable energy, Solar energy, Wind power, Fossil fuel, World energy resources and consumption, Nuclear power / Pages: 7 (1693 words) / Published: May 13th, 2013
Is nuclear power the best alternative to fossil fuels for the future energy needs of the UK?

There are different types of fuel such as coal, gas, wind energy, solar energy, oil and nuclear energy which is considered to be the most important source for the future. Our fossil fuel resources have been developed to provide us with many necessary things such as food, consumer goods, dwelling, transportation, but at the same time they are vanishing, hour after hour and something should be done. There are many types of energy which are used in our society but having analyzed all the presented materials on the topic, I can say that nuclear energy is one of the ways out for the UK and I would like to prove that. According to BNFL much of the energy we use today in our developing world has come from fossil fuels which enable us to provide lighting and heating in our homes, offices and factories. (2001, p44-45). We got used to the benefits from these sources and forgot about the alarming effects on our personal lives and devastating effect on our commercial and industrial output. Having studied all possible electricity sources, we can underline that they all depend on various circumstances. However, we have some ways out of the situation and one of them is the development of the nuclear power.

Let me start by saying that all renewables such as solar energy, wind mills, tidal energy and some others are limited in our world and that is why it is very difficult to rely on them in the future. For example, there is no wind and all wind mills stop working or there are cloudy days in winter and no solar energy, such examples can be numerous. However, according to the government figures in the guardian article, energy from the renewables has risen on 40% in such countries as Sweden, Finland and Denmark (Jha, 2009). As the United Nations declared, government started to invest more money into the renewables as they are considered to be cleaner than all other sources of

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