Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Topics: National Mall, United States Senate, Film Pages: 4 (1430 words) Published: July 7, 2010
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

“Screen on the Green” is an annual tradition where locals from the area go to the National Mall in between the National Monument and the Capital. The film is played on an enormous screen that faces the capital. I attended this event during the feature film “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” which played August 26. The significance that the Capital Dome had in the background as this film played gave the movie even more significance to the viewer. I rented the movie to view it in the privacy of my home where I could rewind and fast forward the film at my leisure to capture some of the artistic techniques and applications that the producer, director and actors exhibited throughout this movie. This movie is a black and white film, and while it is after the era of the silent picture show, the sound quality is still not all that good, but nevertheless, the sound does not play a significant role in the film. The genre for this film is a mixed genre, conveying the genres of both drama and a romantic comedy. The reason the film is considered these genres, is because of the images used throughout the film. The close up shots of the couple, Clarisse Saunders (Jean Arthur) and Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart) are angled just so that the shot is a head shot that positions her directly under him as if they are at an angle to kiss, before they have even begun a formal relationship. Comedy is apparent by the images of Jefferson Smith’s clumsiness, awkwardness, and ignorance. In one scene, with a particular girl he meets and finds attractive, there is a constant fidgeting, restlessness, and clumsiness of Jefferson Smith. He drops his hat over 6 times in a scene that lasts relatively 3 minutes as he tries to compose himself while he speaks to this attractive lady. Content of this movie is pretty evident…good v. evil. There are also elements of nationalistic pride, honor, duty, honesty, patriotism, and sincerity. The story plot depicts...
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