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Topics: Wedding, Marriage, Wedding ring Pages: 8 (3079 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Week 11 Project Part 2
ITT Technical Institute
Social Psychology/ EG351
June 3, 2012

Project Part 2
Korean vs. German
Wedding Traditions
Wedding traditions in general are a way in my view to solidify culture and heritage within which two people are joined in a ceremony to create an institution of marriage. There are many different forms of wedding traditions out there and still continues to change everyday due to the complexity of the way people choose to enhance their ways. Me, myself have heard of many different forms of wedding tradition to the simplest to the most extravagant of weddings. The two cultures that I have chosen to analyze for gathering impressions of, is that of the Korean Wedding tradition and that of the German Wedding tradition. I chose these two cultures because I have actually been to both of the countries, due to my military experience. My first impressions in general of the countries were of a positive factor overall, but the demeanor of the way business is conducted and the way that the people in general acts is of a natural state, meaning that they do have similarities to that of the people of the United States. Certain mannerisms do play parts in their characteristics that do differ from our core actions between one another, but in general both areas consider their likelihood just as we would do for ours. Koreans I found to be very hard working people along with very friendly in nature (South Koreans that is) and very reserve in their ways. As far as Germans, they came of kind of in a rude way at first until you get pass their rough exterior, but that was just the way they talked, mainly they were of a nice class of people with the interactions that I have had. That was my first impressions at the beginning. My first opinions were formed that both countries had some rude, stinky, obnoxious people along with generous kind and outgoing people, which I feel is everywhere. Those opinions formulated just from interaction with people day to day. The findings, of not only the Korean, but the German Wedding Traditions changed my view a little, but were initially suspected due to my long duty tours overseas in both countries. That gave me a reason to choose both of these countries because I really didn’t understand their weeding traditions, due to not having to go to any of their weddings. Korean Weddings

What I found out for the Korean Weddings was interesting, the traditional Korean weeding based upon one article suggested “Korean betrothal gifts were brought to the bride's home by a band of the groom's closest friends. The gifts were placed in a box called a hahm. The group, dressed in costume with blackened faces, they would arrive singing at the bride's family home. They would stop just outside the house, chanting, "Hahm for sale, hahm for sale!" The bride's family would rush out and offer money to the group. Through fun negotiation and laughter, the bearers would be bribed until at last the hahm was delivered.” (The Knot) For traditional that seemed very different, but none the less interesting. Another interesting fact was that a wild goose is given to the mother before the wedding by the groom which symbolizes a promise that the groom will care for the daughter and not leave, because typically wild geese mate for life. Koreans do have wedding banquets which are very simple with having long noodles to symbolize a long and happy life. Also traditionally a gourd of wine is sipped upon by the groom and the bride, which is held at the bride’s family home where the vows are taken to be sealed.

A fun fact found at states “Korean wedding lists often include hundreds of people that the bride and groom barely know, or don’t know at all because one of the goals is to have as many people there as possible to show the import of the wedding. And this, it seems, works out quite well for the parents who must foot the bill. Wedding gifts usually include an envelope...
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