Mr. Potato Head

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Since the time of my childhood I have been exposed to hundreds of toys and games. However, only a few stand out in my memory and even fewer still remain in my possession today. There are many toys in America, which are known by all ages, nationalities, and social classes. Toys such as Barbie, Legos, Cabbage Patch Kids, GI Joe, and many more are well known commodities, which have been in existence since before my time. Although there are numerous toys I can remember as a child there is one toy, which stands out particularly more than others. This toy is Mr. Potato Head was most likely one of my favorite toys due to its simplicity. It was a toy, which never went out of style and therefore remained out of storage and the attic. Unlike most other toys Mr. Potato head did not have numerous series, partner toys, and additions but it did not change as the years since its creation. When by Mr. Potato Head is arguably one of the greatest toys ever invented, which has a great deal of history behind it? I have chosen the toy Mr. Potato Head as the topic of this short paper due to its great history within the arena of American toys.

It made history by being the very first toy to be advertised n television. The Mr. Potato Head you can purchase today in the store is very different from the original Mr. Potato Head released in the 1950’s. The original Mr. Potato Head contained only body features such as the nose, lips, and ears. The consumer had to supply his/her own potato’s to serve as the body, ultimate completing the Mr. Potato Head figure. The plastic body one sees in the store today did not emerge until eight years later. Since the birth of this simple Hasbro toy, Mr. Potato Head has been a success. Wikepedia online stated, “He was so loved by children, that he was expanded into additional toy categories including puzzles, creative play sets, and electronic hand-held, board and video games. The vast popularity of Mr. Potato Head...
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