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Front Office Manager: Job Description and Requirements
Front office managers are responsible for organizing the activities of office employees. Front office managers oversee a variety of tasks including office operations, accounting, customer satisfaction and emergency procedures among others. A degree isn't mandatory for securing an office management position, but earning a degree improves a person's chances for advancement. View 31 Popular Schools

Job Description
A front office manager is the senior person in an office environment and accountable for maintaining a professional work environment, staff supervision and administrative support. They shoulder a variety of responsibilities, often at the discretion of the company owner. These tasks can vary from managing accounting functions to allocating work assignments to approving the purchasing of office supplies. The job specifics of a front office manager largely depend on the company's needs. Front office managers use a number of skills to successfully perform their duties. Two of these skills are a thorough knowledge of the company and an understanding of its products. Another crucial skill is an awareness of the roles of other office employees. This knowledge of the products, company structure and employee duties allows the office manager to effectively assign job responsibilities and allocate company resources while maintaining an efficient working environment. Companies often expect front office managers to oversee a variety of projects. To meet each project's deadline, the manager may need to overcome delays and hurdles. These projects may also require the manager to document each project's progress. To accomplish these goals, a front office manager needs exceptional oral and written communication skills. Multitasking abilities are also helpful. Other important functions of a front office manager include: * Supervisor support

* Office harmony
* Crisis handling
* Office morale...
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