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عدد صفحات هذا الامتحان ( 4 ) صفحات وعدد الأسئلة (6 ) THE HASHEMITE KINGDOM OF JORDDAN-MINISTRY OF EDUCATION
الدورة الشتوية / المستوى الثالث

Read the following text carefully, and then in your ANSWER BOOKLET answer all the questions that follow. Your answer should be based on the text. An area of the law that is changing very quickly in the modern world is the law related to computer crime. Increasingly, criminals are using computers to help them commit new crimes like identity theft, to make it easier to commit old crimes like theft or fraud. Technological criminals may get into computer systems to find out confidential information and use this to make money. Unfortunately, computer crimes are often more difficult to solve than traditional crimes because the criminals are invisible and their actions may be hard to prove. It can also be difficult to prosecute a computer criminal successfully because usually nothing is actually stolen or physically damaged. Hopefully, in future, computer experts will discover more effective ways of detecting such crimes. A particular factor in the growth of computer crime has been the increase in the number of ordinary people who use Internet websites to buy things, to book holidays or to access their bank accounts in order to transfer money or pay bills. This new type of business has attracted techno-criminals who may order goods and services without paying, or break into the computer systems of businesses or financial organisations and either move money to their own account or send viruses which can seriously damage computers and the information they contain. These viruses can affect millions of people worldwide. Computers with Internet connections can also be used more safely by criminals than face-to- face meetings or telephone conversations to pass on confidential information or to plan crimes. In addition to this, computers allow criminals access to millions of people worldwide whom they may persuade to pay for something worthless or to support a fake charity organisation.

Question Number One (20 points)
1- According to paragraph one, there were two examples of old crimes. Write down these examples. (2 points) 2- According to the second paragraph, the writer mentioned two reasons which make computer crimes difficult to solve. Write them down. (4 points) 3- Quote the sentence which indicates that criminals get into computers to look for private personal information. (3 points) 4- Find a word in the text that means ' to move from one place to another '. (2 points) 5- What does the underlined word " they " in the first paragraph, refer to? (2 points) 6- In the last paragraph, two kinds of frauds are mentioned. What are they? (3 points) 7. The writer said that viruses are not only dangerous on computers but they are dangerous on people, too. Explain this statement, justifying your answer. (2 points)

B. Critical Thinking (2 points )
Write down two sentences about the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. Write down the answer in your ANSWER BOOKLET.

Question Number Two (15 POINTS)
A. Choose the suitable item from those given to complete each of the following sentences and write it down in your ANSWER BOOKLET. (8 points )

1. Criminals are using computers to help them commit new crimes like ............................. 2. Technological ................... may get into computer systems 3. They want to find out ..................... information and use this to make money. 3. They may persuade to pay for something worthless or to support a ............. charity organisation 4. It was difficult for police to prove that the criminal was .................... .

B. Study the following dictionary entry and answer the question that follows. Write the answers in your ANSWER BOOKLET. (1 point )
What does...
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