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Topics: Postgraduate education, Bachelor's degree, Graduate school Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: June 23, 2013

Applicant : DHEERAJ VALLERU Program applied: M.S.,

“Success is a journey not a destination”

Since my first introduction to the technology of computers, I was quite fascinated and this fascination has developed a latent interest for knowing more and increasing my knowledge in this field. From the days of my school, I had developed this interest and I always updated myself to the latest software and literature in this field.

It is my firm conviction that, that one should apply one?s creativity and talent to contribute something original in science and technology. This calls for a specialization in the field of his interest. It is in this respect that, I feel undergraduate education is lacking in depth. A graduate education at a reputed university would be invaluable in honing my skills and knowledge, which are very vital for shaping my career. After a careful consideration of my academic background, abilities and career goals, I have decided to pursue my graduate studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

When confronted with a host of fields to choose from, I chose Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. This is one combination, of Engineering and Mathematics that has a great scope for specialization and can be interfaced with any other field, like Computer Science, Electronics etc.. I feel that this is one field that gives me a wide perspective of almost all the fields of Engineering and would enable me to enhance my knowledge and skills that are essential for the pursuit of graduate study. I have sound knowledge in latest soft wares like pro-e, Ansys, AutoCAD, and programming languages like C\C++, Java and Operating systems like Unix, Dos and Windows.

Purpose of Graduation:

The process of learning continues throughout one’s life. I believe that the broad overview gained during undergraduate studies can be consummated only by the in-depth study that a graduate study will...
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