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How do you describe working at Harrods to friends and family? All comments shown (no filter applied) : 2545 comments

i love working for Harrods and am very proud of the company I work for. I am very proud to tell people who i work for.


Working for the Number 1 department store in the World and proud of it!

Motivating Energetic Educating

Really interesting, but unfortunetly really stressful and too long many long hours.

Long hours. Customers who try to cause trouble because of our established name also trying to make a claim under the H&S grounds. Political with some heirachy behaving terribly. Staff that are managed thoroughly through monthly bi annually and yearly reviews. Competitive and creative.

- Very bureaucratic; - Not particularly meritocratic; - Good experience in working with a globally recognised brand; - Good experience in working within the luxury industry

I am proud to work for my department - it's something I've always wanted to do and before anything else when explaining to my friends and family I mention what my department do and how much I enjoy working with my fellow team members. Other than that there is not much more I would mention other than the discount, which is a massive perk and very much appreciated.

Harrods is a place to admire from the customer perspective. Harrods does train staff to the best levels but when it comes to work schedules, fair payments and departmental environment, most people could be better in other companies.

Nice in an aesthetic sense. Frustrating at times in a professional sense.

I absolutely love my job, but you need to be tough to work here

Harrods can be a rewarding place to work and the company's overall philisophy towards it's staff is positive but sometimes this slips and when it does it is never in an insignicant way and can become demotivating.

I tell people that every day is full of new experiences and new challenges. I get to interact with such a wide range of people from such diverse back grounds there is never a dull moment.

I've always said it is an amazing place to work. The people who work here are extremely professional.

Hard work, sometimes disheartening and can be left felling exhausted and unapreciated at times.

Working for a big company.

A place that has alot of benefits that can help you financially and personally.

Now just a place to work

Friendly work colleagues, no two days are the same, excellent benefits and you feel valued by the company and fellow work colleagues.

Its a job that is different each day due to the amount and varity of customer the store attracts

I tell them that I really enjoy working for Harrods and I really enjoy the atmosphere here.

world class

I would say "work is ok can't really complain"

Its truly enjoyable i jump out of bed to get to work.


A lot of pressure, not just about getting results but about being accepted and thought of as being "Harrodian " by others, Harrods is very political and relationships are massively important. Great place to work very rewarding, work life balance is not the best but it is retail. The people are amazing and the very clear goals and determination to be the best is very empowering. The store can be uneasy at times with a paranoia.

I tell them that I enjoy my job and and am happy with my salary

I describe it as a great company, always things going on, great for my CV and progression but also definetly not a fair company not always based on merit which is something you have to get used to.

A place where they look after their staff and isnt as bad as its reputation. A good place to work and network to build opportunities.

Motivating job and full surprises

Exciting and interesting. I am very proud to say I work for Harrods.

It is an iconic store and I thoroughly enjoy providing the exceptional level of customer service which is unfortunately rarely found other than at Harrods. The...
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