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Topics: Production line, Project management, Strategy map Pages: 9 (2780 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Chartered Management Institute
Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership

Assignment 1
Unit 5006 – Personal Development as a Manager and Leader

2Statement of Authenticity
4Executive summary
5Project Aim
5Project Scope
6Strategic Fit
10Research Findings
11Identifying Options
11Action Plan
14Risk assessment report
16Balanced scorecard

Executive summary
This project is set in a Factory that is due to close down with one of the Co pack production lines not capable of producing all its orders before the closure deadline. There is no scope for this deadline being extended. The productivity of this line needs to be improved to avoid the need to set up production elsewhere at major costs or to avoid going off sale. Using primary and secondary research a number of items are highlighted that cause a delay, production that needs to be reworked and the amount of time the production line is idle due to the workers being on break. A multi skilled team identified a number of options and then created an action plan. The key areas of the action plan are to make this Co pack line the factories number one priority, to assign engineers and technicians from other areas of the factory to the line for improvements and to use co pack workers from a low priority line to cover breaks. The action plan will bring the completion of the run onto the last day of the Factory. There is also a contingency to use overtime to add an extra shift at the weekends. It is strongly recommended that the contingency is put into place at the start of the run then taken away if and when production results allow.

The Kimberly Clark Facility at Barton upon Humber will be closing down on the 31st March 2013. Failure to complete all production before this date may result in exceptionally high cost of production elsewhere or failure to supply the market with brand damaging results to the Full Kimberly Clark range of products. After Initial Investigations into forecasts it is clear that we are not capable of producing one product code in the Co Pack facility “little Swimmers” before the deadline. This project is to identify a cost effective solution that will resolve this issue. All other production needs in the Factory will be made by the 17th of March 2013. The Co pack Team is made up of two shifts Days and Afternoons that work Monday to Friday. Each shift is 8 hours long.

Project Aim
To produce all required “Little Swimmers” products before 31st March 2013

Project Scope
To understand all the reasons why the Co Pack production team are not capable of making the production in the time frame including manning levels, machine reliability, production throughput levels, waste levels. Use any available people or machinery resources in the factory that does not have a negative impact on other production to such an extent that it risks other production not being made. To propose an action plan that will ensure production is met at minimal additional cost.

To complete all Little Swimmers products before 31st March 2013 Within the set Budget of Planned man hours per 1000 products +10% To have Zero Safety Incidents during the Production Run

Strategic Fit
Kimberly-Clark announced that it is making strategic changes in Europe to focus its resources and investments on the company’s strongest products and markets in order to deliver better returns in the future. Unfortunately, despite considerate efforts, time and investment, Kimberly-Clark has not been able to build a sustainable and profitable nappies business in Europe. Therefore the company has decided to stop manufacturing and selling nappies in Europe. It is with regret, that the company has therefore taken the difficult decision to propose the closure of the Barton site, which manufactures nappies for the European market. The...

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