Mr Man

Topics: Chefs, Linguistics, Culinary art Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Explore how different TV chefs use language in their cookery demonstrations and consider how the language they use influences audience responses Cookery demonstrations have become more and more common on television and the TV chefs have somewhat adapted public talk to benefit their needs of simplicity. TV chefs vary from the teaching type like Delia Smith to the fun, relaxed chef like Jamie Oliver. Chefs all have something in common in that they want to exchange their knowledge to the audience and therefore engaging with the viewers and making them feel welcome is a key part of presenting on TV. Inclusive language and direct address deals with this need for the chefs and when used effectively has the power to bring in regular viewers. Certainly in the more modern chef colloquial, simplistic language has helped not to create a division between the viewer and chef, and being talked to equally definitely has a positive impact on the more modern generation. Paralinguistic features are also an element used by the contemporary chef of today to assist importance of appealing to the audience. More basic things like present tense, affirmative language such as ‘you can do it’, and uncomplicated uses of jargon in addition aid the viewers to feel comfortable. In this highly competitive group it is therefore vitally important for chefs to separate themselves out, so any unique factors must be manipulated successfully to have a lasting effect on the listeners. The most important aspect for a TV chef is to engage the audience, so they need to make sure they address the viewers. To do so Jamie Oliver uses a lot of direct address and inclusive language to create a sense of community when watching. ‘You can put your own stamp on your spuds’, ‘listen when it comes to a roast potato you don’t want to muck about’ this has a very positive effect on the audience as it gives confidence and belief to the viewers. It also shows Jamie is relaxed and wants to impose his advice, tips and...
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