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Topics: Law, Common law, Case study Pages: 8 (1474 words) Published: April 21, 2013
COURSEDiploma of Business & Enterprise (3113C0207)

UNIT OF STUDYBusiness Law (3113C0207U02)

ASSESSMENT TITLEAssignment 2-Sichuan University

ASSESSMENT TYPEEssay and Case Studies


• WeightingThis assessment is worth 20% of your final result for this unit of study • Due Date End of week 13
• This assignment has 4 questions. Each question is marked out of 10 and the total marks will be converted to a mark out of 20. All questions must be answered. • You must work in a team (group) of up to 3 persons for questions 2 to 4 (case study questions). All students’ names must be included on the cover sheet and all will receive the same mark. • The essay question (question 1) may be done individually or as a group. If done as a group, all students’ names must be included on the cover sheet and all will receive the same mark. • Define legal terms, use legal principles and case law analysis where possible. • You should include a standard VU assignment cover sheet and the marking schedule (page 2) with your completed assignment. • Write all answers in your own words and do not copy your answers from other students, text books or internet. Plagiarism will incur severe disciplinary action. • If you do not pass this assignment (i.e. if you do not achieve a mark of 20) you will be able to do it again and resubmit it, but you will only be able to achieve a mark of 10 or a pass for this second attempt • If your assignment is late it will be marked as a resubmission.

Resources required

• Student Manual, Student Workbook and Student readings

Description of Task

Outcomes- This assignment assesses Learning Outcomes 2, 3 & 5

After completing this assignment you will be able to:
• Communicate knowledge of the key features of the relationship of principal and agent, and apply this knowledge to solving business problems. • Apply the principles of the law of negligence to solving problems in a business setting. • Classify various forms of contracts.

• Communicate knowledge of the elements of a valid contract and apply this knowledge to solving legal problems in a business context. • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of business entities, in particular those of a Company. • Solve problems using methods of case law analysis and application of precedent • Use research skills to solve business problems.

• Analyse and critically evaluate a problem-fact situation to determine the legal obligations and liabilities of the parties

Legal citation

For each essay you must include:
o legal references in the text of your essay
o bibliography.

Only use the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) method of referencing.

Information on how to use this legal referencing system is available on the VU library website Search under Referencing & Styles.

Note: Other referencing styles such as Harvard or Oxford will not be accepted.

For further details read pages 57 - 67 of your Student Workbook. This section includes useful information on essay writing and referencing.

Students who do not use in-text referencing will be required to resubmit their essay.

Marks allocation for Assignment 2

Your assessment will be graded according to the following marking guide. Please enter your name, VU student number, Group and Date in the spaces provided and return the sheet below with your submission. | Student 1 |Group/Class | | |First Name | |Last Name | | |VU Student Number | |Date | |...
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