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Topics: Web crawler, World Wide Web, Web search engine Pages: 6 (1333 words) Published: April 23, 2014
AO3: investigate how Search Engines work
In this task I will describe the main features of four types of Search Engines which are Web Crawlers, Directories, Meta-search Engines and Children’s Search Engines. Examples will be given of each. Then I will explain the appropriate use of different techniques when using search engines and compare the using of these techniques in the four types of search engines. I will use some examples to explain the features and use print screen as evidence of searching to compare the difference of these techniques.

Types of Search Energies:
Web Crawls
Web crawl sometimes known as web spider, bot, crawler or automatic indexer. It is the type of search energy which can scan through Internet pages to create an index of data it’s looking for. A web crawl is a computer program that browses the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner. It has automated bots called ‘spiders’ which crawl through the internet looking at each page they encounter. The site will record all the content about a huge amount of topics so that it will be able to intelligently carry out tasks without human control. The web crawls will find the information which is relevant to the keywords entered within a second. Web crawlers are the most popular type of search engine. This type of search energy provides up-to-date data and will index all the downloaded pages so that it allows visitors make fast search. One of the most well-known web crawls is Google which people can use it for searching information all over the world. Other web crawler search energies such as Ask Jeeves and Yahoo are usually used by many people as well.

Directory based search energies use human editor. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. The advantage of directory search energies is that the information it provide could be more useful. Directory search energies such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and so on are usually been used in the UK.

Meta-search Energies
This type of search energies allows people to enter their keywords into the search bar and then will provide several search energies to find the information. The earliest widely-used Meta search engine was Meta Crawler. Meta Crawler can search many other search engines such as Google, MSN, Ask and Yahoo. Although it hasn’t changed much over the years, Meta Crawler continues to be one of the most popular Meta engines.

The earliest widely-successful Meta search engine was Meta Crawler. Meta Crawler searches many of the top search engines, including Google, MSN, Ask and Yahoo. Although it hasn’t changed much over the years, Meta Crawler continues to be one of the most popular Meta engines, likely because of its age. The Meta search engine is a search engine that queries many different search engines and combines the results from all of them, the results listing in one page, like a real search engine, instead relying on data gathered by other search engines. The Meta search engine has been around almost as long as search engines them, and some people find them preferable to using a single search engine, as they allow for a wider range of results. When a single simultaneous search is offered, only a limited maximum number of pages from each source are returned. The cut-off may be determined by the number of pages retrieved, or by the amount of time the Meta engine spends at the other sites. Results retrieved by these engines can be highly relevant, since they are usually grabbing the first items from the relevancy-ranked list of results returned by the individual search engines. Keep in mind that complex searches, such as field searches, are usually not available. Children’s Search Energies

There are many search engines designed for kids to explore and develop their knowledge and learning new things. The parents and teachers are certainly will use an inappropriate and simpler search engines for kids in order to make sure...
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