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Topics: Play, Developmental psychology, Learning Pages: 10 (3570 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Name: KONG KOU KOU ID: 32254


Creative Personal Philosophy of Education and Apply It in Real Teaching Settings

In this post I will outline the foundations of my professional practice. I will state my own personal values and explain how these affect my teaching. I will also list the important social and cultural values that I take into consideration in my professional practice. I will draw upon my knowledge of child development and of best practice in education to outline programming issues that are at the core of my personal teaching philosophy. I believe that each person has the right to self-development and realization of their own potential. Therefore I will design my programmed to accommodate this for each individual child. I will take time each day to reflect how my programmed meets the needs of individual children. I believe that the teaching profession is one aspect of my life that allows me to reach my own intellectual and spiritual potential. Therefore I will continue to reflect upon and celebrate my own achievements. I will endeavor to reflect individually and with others, as this will enhance my thinking. I believe in the saying ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’. Therefore it is my responsibility to take part in caring for all children that are a part of my life; in my own family, in my community, in my own classroom, and in other classrooms. I value physical health and well-being and believe they are essential for a happy life. Therefore I will promote healthy practices and physical activity for my students. I will also aim at maintaining my own personal health and well-being to model these to the children and to keep in the best possible physical state to be able to do my job well. I value learning as a lifelong process. Therefore I see myself as a learner and will continue to make the most of every learning opportunity, from within and outside of the teaching profession, engaging in discussion and discovering other viewpoints about matters that really count in ensuring health and happiness on our planet. I value friendship. Therefore I will act with friendliness towards colleagues, parents, the children in my classroom, both online and face-to-face. I also value friendship as a sustaining force when difficulties arise in life. Therefore I will call upon friends and colleagues to help me work through my own difficulties. I will promote friendships

within my classroom. I will also promote friendships between families of my school so that caring and support are cultivated. I value independence. Therefore I will provide appropriate activities and support to lead each child towards independent thought, action and feeling. I value imagination and creativity and believe that each human being possesses these qualities in unique combinations. Therefore I will provide opportunities for children to exercise imagination and creativity in as many varied ways as possible. I will also provide celebration and acknowledgement of these. I value responsibility. I see this as each human’s duty to honor the rest of creation: other people, other living creatures and the environment. Therefore I will model my own and develop the children’s abilities to care for other people, animals and the environment. Value wisdom. Therefore I will draw upon the wisdom of others to help me do my job, including families and colleagues. I will conduct home visits to each family to gain knowledge of the child and show respect for the parent’s existing wisdom. I will also examine, analyses and question the wisdom of research, Curriculum documents and the work of other thinkers to build onto my understandings. I value the guidance provided by the Australian Early Childhood Association’s Code of Ethics. Therefore I will review and implement this document regularly, and ensure that my co-workers are aware of this. I value honesty and integrity. Therefore I will model these to the children. I will apply these to communicate...
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