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Student-teacher relationship
What does the word relationship means? A particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other. People communicate with each other everywhere. Moreover people can define with whom and how they should speak. As a result there are a lot of different types of communication between people today. There are many different methods that can be given as example, but the most certain and popular one is the relationship between student and teacher. It is common thing for human to explore different types of relationships during his lifetime. Few decades ago there were not many different types of relationships between people. Nowadays people have a lot of ways of maintaining them. They could have friends, acquaintances, companions and so on. People could study and find new friends at school or otherwise competitor. Individuals face with companions during their work and face with the relations between slave and director. But what does the relationships between student and teacher mean? It is difficult to say that such relationships designated like friends or subordinated. But the relations very differ from country to country. It is assumed that all over the world the system of education is very different. For example in Ukraine it is not allowed to argue with teacher. If somebody disagrees with the teacher this person would probably fail an exam. It is presumed that in the U.S it is a common thing to share your opinion if the person think that his opinion truthful and have a discussion with the tutor. Contact between student and teacher should be more open-minded. People live in modern democratic society and due to this reason people should not be afraid with talking to teacher and moreover asking the advice. A great example of relationship between teacher and his student could be seen in the movie “Dead Poets’ Society”. Mr. Keating methods of communications with his students was very...
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