Mr. Holland's Opus

Topics: Mr. Holland's Opus, Education, John Lennon Pages: 3 (1319 words) Published: October 13, 2011

MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS is a film by director Stephen Herek, written by Patrick Sheane Duncan, and produced by Ted Field, Michael Nolin, and Robert W. Cort. This emotional drama is a classic fictional story about Glenn Holland (Richard Dreyfuss), a man with a deep love of music, who has a desire to write at least one symphony of lasting significance. The story starts when he unenthusiastically accepts a job as a high school music teacher at John F. Kennedy High School so that he can have the time and money to be able to compose his opus. In his first year of teaching, he finds himself turning into that very thing which he despises, a dry and boring instructor who isn't getting through to the students. Mr. Holland finds he has a group of indolent and inept students, and their attempt at music results in a horrible disharmony. He hates his job, and at first he is terrible at it. He uses little witticisms like "There's more to music than notes on a page" and "Playing music is supposed to be fun" in attempts to awaken and inspire his impassionate students. These however, did nothing but frustrations to him so he decided to make a few changes in his teaching style to get the students involved and interested. Using all manner of unorthodox teaching methods like using rock music to teach classical music, Mr. Holland eventually breaks through and becomes the darling of John F. Kennedy High School, and had profound effect on a number of his students. Over the next 30 years, Holland is able to teach a great deal about both music and life to thousands of kids who pass through the various classes he leads and school bands he directs; however, he finds it easier to reach his students than his son Cole (played, as he grows older, by Nicholas John Renner, Joseph Anderson, and Anthony Natale), who is deaf, which drives a wedge between him and his wife Iris (Glenne Headly). Mr. Holland's own life seems to play second chair to his teaching. His own...
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