Mr Farhan Khan

Topics: Dublin, Ireland, Republic of Ireland Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Identify any environmental trends that affect the manner in which the market place operates When considering Ireland are we there yet? We must look at the environment in which it must sell. “Over the past two years, the number of travel apps has surged along with mobile’s popularity. Last year, an estimated 17,000 travel apps crammed the virtual shelves” (Washington shows the ever competitive travel app market. This competition will make it hard for any individual app to be successful as when one developer thinks there is the most up to date another will come along and put a new feature which will be small but very important to consumers which will drive sales down of the app. Having an App based around Ireland is a very interesting idea but the economic environment may not allow for the App to be successful. Like Ireland many nations around the world are still feeling the effects of the global recession. This may have two different effects on the sales volume of Ireland are we there yet. (1) The number of Irish people who by the App will increase due to an inability to be able to afford foreign holidays. This will see a surge in sales in Ireland as people will be more enthused about finding holiday destinations within the country which they may not have known previously and hence will make it a popular App for Irish people (2) The number of people visiting Ireland will be less due to the economic situations of their respective countries. Rising plane fares, rising prices in Ireland and decreasing wages for travellers have deterred people from coming to Ireland in this case. People will be thinking about the different prices and taxes which will have to be paid, and the thought of buying the App in the first place will be an afterthought. Ideas for sales volume increase

Due to the large number of people who will be coming to Ireland as part of the Gathering Ireland the group felt that one way in which to effectively market the App would be to...
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