Mr Emmanuel Okojie

Topics: Philosophy, Music, 200 Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Approved Humanities Electives
The humanities elective requirement for all programs must be satisfied by completing one 3-credit conceptual humanities course which offers breadth of knowledge. Additional humanities electives may be conceptual or applied with a focus on skills, techniques and procedures. When selecting the appropriate humanities elective for your program, please adhere to the following lists of conceptual and applied courses.

CONCEPTUAL humanities electives
ART 101, 102
ART 106
ART 109
ART 111

History and Appreciation of Art I-II
History of Modern Art
History of Women Artists
Introduction to the Arts I

CST 130
CST 151
CST 229
CST 231, 232

Introduction to the Theatre
Film Appreciation I
Intercultural Communication
History of Theatre I-II

ENG 236
ENG 241, 242
ENG 243, 244
ENG 246
ENG 247
ENG 250
ENG 251, 252
ENG 253,254
ENG 256
ENG 257
ENG 268
ENG 271, 272
ENG 273, 274
ENG 276
ENG 279

Introduction to the Short Story
Survey of American Literature I-II
Survey of English Literature I-II
Major American Writers
Popular Culture
Children’s Literature
Survey of World Literature I-II
Survey of African-American Literature I-II
Science Fiction
The Modern Drama
The Works of Shakespeare I-II
Women in Literature I-II
Southern Literature
Film and Literature

HUM 201, 202
HUM 210
HUM 231, 232
HUM 241, 242

Survey of Western Culture I-II
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Survey of Asian Culture I-II
Interdisciplinary Principles of the Humanities I-II

MUS 121, 122
MUS 125
MUS 221, 222
MUS 225

Music Appreciation I-II
American Music
History of Music I-II
History of Jazz

PHI 101, 102
PHI 111, 112
PHI 211, 212
PHI 220

Introduction to Philosophy I-II
Logic I-II
History of Western Philosophy I-II

PHI 226
PHI 227
PHI 265
PHI 276

Social Ethics
Bio-Medical Ethics
Philosophy of Religion
Women and Western Philosophy

REL 100
REL 200
REL 210
REL 230
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