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Topics: Erosion, Sediment, Geomorphology Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Carding mill Valley has a v shape valley and meanders. We are going to be to be taking measurements of velocity and discharge along the upper course, middle course, and lower course.

The Bradshaw Model:
The Bradshaw model is important to this controlled assessment because the Bradshaw Model is a geographical model which describes how a river's characteristics vary between the upper course and lower course of a river. This coursework is underpinned through some key processes/concepts. These are: Dishcharge, velocity, lateral erosio, Bed load and vertical erosoin. Discharge- The discharge of a river is the volume of water which flows through it in a given time. Velocity - The velocity of a river is the speed at which water flows along it. Lateral erosion- Lateral erosion in a river is the wearing away of the sides of the river which makes the channel deeper because rocks being carried in the river will erode the sides of a river. Bed load - Bed load is complementary to suspended load and wash load. Bed load moves by rolling, sliding, and saltating. Vertical erosion- Vertical erosion is the downward erosion which deepens the river channel.

Whedn going further downstream the river, the velocity is increasing, not only this but the channel is getting wider and deeepr, and the particle size decreases. Justification
I expected to see the river channe get deeper and wider the further we went downstream because the velocity of the river was increasing, meaning that it is gettng faster which will wash away the sides of the river eroding it and making it wider. Sequence of investigation

To collect our data we went to Carding Mill Valley to collect information from different sites. We started at site 1 (waterfall) and moved downstream to site 3 (car park) In total we took data at three sites. Once we have collected our data I will present it in graphs and maps and analyses these results. I will then reach a conclusion about...
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