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Mr. Bean and Pantomime
Body Language:
Mr. Bean uses a variety of gestures and facial expressions to describe his body language. He usually uses sharp gestures and makes huge facial expressions. Mr. Bean did this when he saw the raw meat served to him at the restaurant. His mouth was wide open and his eyes bulged out of his head. He also used quick movements when he was at the beach. In this episode Mr. Bean struggled to put on his swimming trunks. While he was trying to get them on he used sharp actions to make his motions bigger, and to show the viewer what he was doing. Lastly, Mr. Bean used facial expression when he was in the library. When he figured out that he had destroyed/ruined an ancient book he used powerful features to portray his emotions. He uses these dramatic elements to catch the audience's attention and make them laugh. Body language is one of the main tools that Mr. Bean uses when presenting pantomime. Voice and Sound Effects:

Mr. Bean uses his voice very rarely; however he does use it occasionally. As an individual I noticed that he only uses his voice when necessary. For example in the restaurant he was asked a question. This is an event where Mr. Bean needs to use his voice in order for others to understand him. When he is asked what he wants by the waiter he uses his speech to respond. When Mr. Bean talks his voice is usually carried out in a low tone, he talks slow and mumbles some of his words. In the episode there are various sound effects. When Bean does something that is funny, an audience starts laughing and cheering. There is actually no audience on the set, but they add that sound effect to tell the viewers that he has done something amusing. Mr. Bean also uses his voice in the exam scene. He uses it to tell the people in the exam what he is doing. He used his voice to answer the man's question about what he studied. As you can see Mr. Bean only uses his gift of voice when it is needed in a situation. Costumes and Props:...
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