MPH 5506 u06d1 Psychosocial Underpinnings of Program Evaluation

Topics: Evaluation, Target market, Epidemiology Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: April 26, 2015
 MPH 5506 u06d1 Psychosocial Underpinnings of Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is determined based on several criterion; criteria that is dependent upon the population, behavior, acute or chronic disease studied, as well as funding source. “Assessment activities, both needs and asset based, can play a valuable role in helping agencies make decisions by providing valid information to better target services and efforts. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) identifies assessment as one of three core public health functions, along with assurance and policy development. It defines assessment as the regular and systematic collection and analysis of available information on the health of the community, which includes statistics on health status, community health needs, and epidemiological and other studies of health problems. Effective or evidence–based behavioral interventions (EBIs) comprise a selected group of behavioral interventions that have proven to be efficacious in rigorously designed intervention trials with behavioral (e.g., use of condoms; reduction in number of partners) and/or health outcomes” (Gandelman, DeSantis, & Rietmeijer, 2006). As a program is developed the key components would be identifying the target market, community collaboration related to expected outcomes, program design and implementation, and program outcome assessments. However, with all parts being necessary to have an effective program, the most key element would be the outcome assessment. If the target goals are not achieved then it is safe to say that the implementation was ineffective and the program design was not properly constructed for the target audience; this hypothesis is solely for EBI. The psychosocial model would have the same key components; however, program development and implementation would be skewed towards a cultural understanding of the subject[s]. This model would also have more individualized care compared to group settings implemented by Community...
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