MPatel ADED1P31 Assignment2 July 8

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Personal Learning Plan
Mansi Patel
Student# 4948881
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for
Foundations of Adult Education
Bachelor of Education/Certificate in Adult Education Program   
Centre for Adult Education and Community Outreach
Faculty of Education
Brock University
St. Catharine, Ontario
Barbara A Smith, PhD.
July 8, 2013

My Goal
As humans we set goals in life that we want to achieve and these goals can be about anything such as, a career or even something smaller like achieving a certain grade in a course. I personally set many goals in my life such as places I want to travel to or the career path I’d like to complete. The goals that we set in life have to be SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. As I continue my education path I always try to improve my study skills because the learning material changes and keeping up with it requires me to work harder so that I can achieve the grade I want. The specific study skill that I need to improve is reading. My goal is to pick one course during the coming fall semester in which I will read all the required chapter readings before the lecture so that I can understand the concepts better and participate in the lecture.

There are many reasons to why this is a good goal for me. One of the reasons is that reading is my biggest weakness and it is one of the most important study skill required. While conducting the discovery wheel exercise (Ellis, Toft, & Dawson, 2012), my reading section score was the lowest. “One of the bad habits that I have when I read is that I tend to read fast and skim through the text rather than actually understand the material. I sometimes even skip a few sentences in the paragraph so that I can finish reading the material faster and just get the overall idea rather than understand the details that I should be learning” M. Patel (personal communication, June 10, 2013). Also, according to “The VAK system” (Ellis et al., 2012, pg.51), I am an auditory learner and this makes it harder for me to focus when reading because a textbook cannot talk. “Being able to hear the learning material also makes me more interested and therefore I pay more attention” M. Patel (personal communication, April, 30, 2013). Another reason why I chose this goal is because I will not always have someone there such as a professor to teach me the material. The accounting designation I am planning to attain requires me to give three exams for which I have to study all on my own, without any professor teaching me the material directly from the text book. Knowing how to study strictly from a textbook will really be helpful for me in the future.

Action Plan
In order to accomplish my goal I have created an action plan that consists of four steps. I will state each step and give a brief description about the step and how it can be accomplished.

1. Choosing the right course. I will choose a course in which a textbook is required and readings from the textbook are necessary for each lecture. 2. Making a reading schedule. Looking at the course outline and deciding when each chapter reading should be done and also have enough time for revision before each lecture. 3. Reading the chapter. In order to improve my reading skill I have decided to follow the strategies stated in the article, “How Muscle Reading works” (Ellis et al., 2012, pg.138). For this part of my actions plan I will strictly focus on phase one and two from the reading. I will follow steps 1, 2, 4 and 5. Firstly I will preview the reading, “Previewing sets the stage for incoming information by warming up a space in your mental storage area” (pg.139). Next I will read the outlines provided in each chapter of my textbook. Afterward I will begin to read the chapter and to avoid losing focus I will, “Schedule breaks and set a reasonable goal for the entire session” (Ellis et...

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Toronto, ON: Nelson Education
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University Sakai Based LMS website 4275-a672-061f67115ab5
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