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Leader : SANTOS, Ralph Rhyan G.
Members: BELANO, Gracielle D.
HERNANDEZ, Jan Roldan B.
MATIC, Millicent G.
RIVO, Sarah Ezekiel M.
VILLENA, Kane Dave R
Engr. Gerhard P. Tan
It is known that our fast-paced emerging technology has been able to give us anything that we wish. Concerning the field of Digital Signal Processing, our latest technology has been able to give birth to many new forms of media file format both in audio and video. A few number of groups tried to produce different media file formats that would be of their greatest preferences but a certain group known as the Moving Picture Experts Group with the combined help of different professionals all around the world were able to create several media file formats that are of great use and in many ways universal. These said formats were then treated as the standards and then were implemented and it was used worldwide. After being assigned a certain file format per group, the certain multimedia file format that will be discussed by our group in this paper is the MP4 file or the file extension format known as .mp4. It is known that the .mp4 file format is the multimedia file container format for the MPEG-4 so some topics about MPEG-4 will also be discussed. Also, we will feature its history, applications, advantages and disadvantages and as well as the future for this certain file format. Different issues surrounding the main topic will be tackled as well and will be explained with the full extent of our capabilities. This research work was designed for students like us to gain new knowledge and discover the fundamentals behind the different technological advancements that we are already enjoying. It could be taken in account that all of our group members participated and did their part in constructing this research paper. History

MPEG-4 part 12, which is known as ISO Base Media File Format, was originally the 1st version of the file format for MPEG-4. It was based upon Apple’s QuickTime container format. Afterwards, this part was then revised and thus giving birth to the MPEG-4 part 14 which is the MP4 file format. This occurred in the year 2003 wherein the difference between the two is the Part 1 or the System Standard. The first version then became the basis for many other file formats that were released afterwards. Theories and Principles

What is MP4?
IV. Interact with the audiovisual scene generated at the receiver’s end. MPEG-4 Standards
The basic components of streaming media are encoders, servers and players. The encoder compresses the video and distributes the compressed video to players that decode and render it. For interoperability the overlapping areas in Figure 2 need standardization, that is file formats, protocols and codecs. The MPEG-4 standard covers it all. {draw:frame}

Figure 2 – Streaming media components
More recent parts added into MPEG-4 are:
• Part 9: Reference Hardware Description", Phase 1 Hardware Accelerators, Phase 2 Optimized Reference Software integration through Virtual Socket • Part 10: Advanced Video Coding (as discussed below)

• Part 11: Scene description (to be split off from part 1) • Part 12: ISO Media File Format.
• Part 13 : IPMP Extensions.
• Part 14 : MP4 File Format (based on part 12).
• Part 15 : AVC File Format (also based on part 12).
• Part 16 : AFX (Animation Framework eXtensions) and MuW (Multi-user Worlds). • Part 17 : Timed text subtitle format
• Part 18 : Font Compression and Streaming
• Part 19 : Synthesized Texture Stream
• Part 20 : Lightweight Application Screen Representation (LASeR) • Part 21 : MPEG-J Graphical Framework eXtension (GFX)...

References: Principles of Digital Audio by Ken C. Pohlmann
Principles of Multimedia by Ranjan Parekh
MPEG-4 Whitepaper, www.medialab.sonera.fl
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