Moving to a new home

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Moving To a New Home
M. K. Soni said "Home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesn't find it here, one doesn't find it anywhere." I have truly realized that this quote is very true. I seem to find so much happiness in my life when I am home. Being around family and feeling that warmth by being at home is something that a person will not find anywhere else. I remember living in a small red two bedroom trailer from the time I was born until I turned ten or eleven. I made a thousand memories there I will never forget, such as stealing plums off the neighbors trees, learning to ride a bike, and getting rashes from playing in the trees. After a while my parents realized a two bedroom was not spacious enough for five people. Having to move was something I did not want to experience. I knew the worst was going to happen. After searching for a house for about a month we finally found the perfect home. We moved into a three bedroom brick home. I was not very sure if was going to like living there. After a while the house started growing on me. Our big spacious yard where we could ride 4-wheelers and where we had our pool built was my favorite part of the house. I realized that living in a nice quiet area was not so bad after all. I was so worried about having to go to a new school, but after I found out I got to stay at Myrtle was a relief. I was beyond happy I was going to be able to stay with my friends after all. Since moving to a new house I have gained so many memories such as sitting by the fire pit on cold dark nights with my mom and sisters, having one-hundred dollar NBA bets with my dad, and laughing and having amazing quality time with my parents and my sisters. I believe that moving to a new house only made my family closer and we all have that personal space now for when we need to be alone, which we did not have that in our old house. I am so happy that I accepted moving to a new house, and now I would not have it any other way. I now...
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