Moving Out Of Hawaii

Topics: Hawaii, Drug addiction, Oahu Pages: 4 (1229 words) Published: December 11, 2013
Why Do People Move Away From Hawaii?
People are led to believe that Hawaii is paradise. Living is easy, weather is nice all year around, and the locals are friendly. This may be true but yet many still choose to move away from the islands to start a new life in the mainland. Some may say this is odd, but that is before they understand the reasoning behind it. It is difficult to support a family financially well in Hawaii, traffic is one of the worst in the country, and the crime for drugs is huge. Of course no matter where you choose to live, the cost of living is a main factor involved and in order to pay this off, a job is necessary but with the rise of population and decrease of places to work, finding employment and keeping that job is difficult. Many residents in Hawaii work two or maybe three jobs just to support their families and live in "million dollar shacks" which basically means some people pay thousands of dollars for a house that is barely intact and bugs constantly invite themselves freely into houses (Aloha Tony). Prices for food are pretty high, in Oahu a simple lunch plate that may be worth seven dollars can cost ten. That is one out of three meals of the day and eating on that expense weekly adds up quickly. Groceries aren't cheap either because all products must be shipped into Hawaii from all over the world and shipping to the state is not cheap alone, so making homemade meals everyday isn't an ideal thing for the average resident family. Tourism in Hawaii adds to the problem of crowds and traffic which is another reason why many people choose to move away from Hawaii. Approximately seven and a half million people visit Hawaii each year and most of them visit the island of Oahu. One of the main stops that tourists make is into Waikiki where there is always something going on, a city footsteps away from a beach. With that adds the many residents that also go to Waikiki for work or other business. So many people go to Waikiki so now think how...

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