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TEXTS THAT EXPLORE MOVING INTO THE WORLD HELP US TO UNDERSTAND THAT WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD AS MUCH AS THE WORLD CHANGES US. THESIS: THOSE THAT EMBRACE THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT MOVING INTO THE WORLD GRANT THEM CHANGE THE WORLD AROUND THEM. Moving into the world is a transitional change that everyone has the choice of going through. So if you reject it, you don’t change so why would anything else? It is only those who embrace the opportunity that moving into the world grant you, which allows you to change, and everything around you. Each process is individual, with different experiences, developing relationships and new opportunities. For most people, they say that Family is their whole world, I agree, but I guess I just really like my family. Tom Brennan also likes his family and he changes them once he embraces the opportunities that moving into a new world offers him. Burke shows his progression as he is introduced as an unmotivated teen that has a poor attitude to school and Coghill, [PRESS] [PRESS] “‘I hate my life.’ ‘I hate my life more’”. The use of short sentence structure emphasises Tom’s blunt and unenthused tone which symbolises his attitude. Though the suffering he has encountered was caused by the accident, it is this experience that allowed his attitudes to change and shape him. [PRESS] ‘Once, probably not that long ago, I’m not sure I could’ve gone back at all.’ Burke cleverly creates a reflective tone which allows the audience to notice that Tom has realised a progression in his emotional maturity. Therefore it is evident that Tom has ventured into a new world which has an impact on the family and changes the whole atmosphere around the Brennan house. First, his relationship with Gran changes [PRESS] ‘Gran walked in and I was happy to see her.’ Positive connotations allow the audience to realise that their relationship has developed since the beginning of the novel. Through Tom and Gran’s stronger relationship it allowed the Brennan family to also...
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