Moving into the world opens up new phases of life and influences the way people interact with each other.

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Moving into the world opens up new phases of life and influences the way people interact with each other.

Does anybody here remember their first day of school? Completely alien to what we were used to, 5 different classes a day, 5 different teachers a day. Catching the bus home. Tom Brennan relives this experience in a way. Not exactly, he had much more severe circumstances. The story of Tom Brennan is a novel about a family that gets torn apart because of the reckless actions of their eldest son Daniel who whilst drunk driving crashed his car paralyzing a cousin, killing both his best friend and a young girl. The Brennan family is made an outcast in their small hometown and is forced to move in with family in larger town called Coghill.

Throughout the early stages of the novel Tom and his family are all depressed and unmotivated. Tom is reluctant to start school or even leave his house for that matter. All he wants is to be left alone in his cave. Tom thinks that this phase of his life is impossible to get through, he later realizes that through characters like Brendan and Chrissie he is able to overcome his depression and move back into the world. Brendan (his uncle) is Toms venting tool. Brendan re-introduces tom back into exercising. Tom and Brendan’s runs are key for Toms movement into the world as they help Tom escape the constant reminders of the accident. “That’s when I’d zone out, the weight of my thoughts shedding with each kilometer, like layers of skin falling onto the track, leaving and empty shell” Brendan understands that when toms mind is off the accident he can heal emotionally.

Another person that Tom interacts with is Chrissie. Chrissie also helps tom get his mind off the accident. Tom and Chrissie develop a relationship. Chrissie helps tom talk about all of his concerns, this makes tom feel like his old self again, “When I was with Chrissie, I was me again. Simple Tom Brennan”. Chrissie does indeed bring back the real Tom Brennan, the novel ends with this happening. Tom finds Chrissy in the water hole they make love. At that moment Tom truly comes back into the world “That was the morning we swam and loved each other and that was the morning Tom Brennan came back, forever.”

The inevitable defeat of Mister and Pete is a film about to kids who loose their drug addicted mothers to the American criminal justice system. Mister is left to care for Pete whilst trying to escape child protection services. Mister dislikes Pete the beginning of the film Pete and Mister are polar opposites Mister being aware of how rough his surroundings are and Pete being a well-mannered innocent child. Misters initial job was to baby-sit Pete but when his mum was arrested he had to care for Pete as he knew Pete wouldn’t survive in this world.

At first surviving became difficult as mister and Pete had never been alone in the world before but after being thrown into the world both adapted to their circumstances and they did so well. Mister became a major influence in Petes life, Mister taught him to steal but to remain morally aware of what they were doing. George Tillman Jr the director used a montage where both children broke into a apartment and stole food that was necessary for their survival, Pete found a gun. The gun symbolized the pathway of violence that Mister and Pete could of taken but Mister didn’t want to expose Pete to that and they put all the goods back, only stealing a benefit card.

Although this phase of Mister and Petes life is awfully challenging they develop a very deep relationship. We realize how much Mister starts to care for Pete in the scene where Mister is finally caught by the child protective services. In this scene a police officer tells Mister to keep on fighting but Mister starts crying saying he cant do this alone, he is referring to Pete.

In conclusion it is clearly evident that moving into the world does open new phases of life and it does influence the way...
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